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How do you escalate an issue to the vendor today?
Does this look familiar?  
The problem... solved by Hubcase    


What   is Hubcase?
Hubcase automates B2B collaboration and escalation of support cases among partners.
See a 90-second demo. The video uses a Salesforce user as an example, but it works the same way for other supported platforms.
For example: A customer with a "computer issue" calls up the hardware vendor, the hardware vendor logs a support case in its system, but it needs to collaborate with the software vendor (partner) to help resolve the issue. With Hubcase, the hardware vendor can escalate the case to the software partner with 1-click, and the software partner receives the case automatically (0-click), while each partner uses its own existing case management system.

Why   do we need it?
Have you ever tracked a B2B collaboration metrics on support cases? When a customer comes to you for a problem that may involve one of your vendors or partners, how do you handle it today? Do you think you are nurturing satisfied customers if your answer is one of the following?

  • + Tell the customer it's not your problem, go away
  • + Tell the customer to call the partner or vendor, and before long the customer got volleyed back to you again
  • + Write down the issue in a sticky, then call/email the partner, and let the rounds after rounds of confusion, duplication and frustration start from there.

If customer satisfaction, efficiency, accountability, visibility, and accuracy are important to you, you need Hubcase.

How   does it work?
Hubcase provides plug-ins to your native case management systems such as NetSuite and Salesforce. In the front end, your users will be using their familiar interface, but with an additional B2B escalation functionality. See screenshots NetSuite and Salesforce. In the backend, Hubcase facilitates communication between with partner systems via Hubcase Exchange.
If you or any of your partners don't have a case management system, our cloud-based Help Desk is 100% free. Most importantly, it comes with built-in B2B capability. Contact us if you use a different system, as we may have a solution for you.

Who   needs it?
You have come to the right place if any of the following applies:

  • + You are a service provider, reseller or VAR that supports your customers, but often needs answers from vendors or suppliers
  • + You rely on partners to deploy or service your products, and receive escalations from them
  • + You never track issues you opened for your vendors
  • + You have more than one in house Help Desk solutions used by different silos in your organization


Where   do I start?
Setup a Hubcase membership in 1 minute. No fee, no obligation.