Hubcase is an ecosystem of member companies that exchange and collaborate on support cases. It's used by more than 300 members including tech vendors, manufacturers, importers, shipping carriers, schools and non-profits.
Once your organization becomes a member (free), you will have visibility to other members and option to collaborate with them.
It's like the "LinkedIn" for organizations: you join, and then connect (partner) with other organizations.

Strategic Partners


TSANet partners with Hubcase to power member-to-member collaboration between existing CRM systems. TSANet (Technical Support Alliance Network), the industry’s largest vendor-neutral support alliance, has partnered with Hubcase to offer member-to-member collaboration between existing CRM systems. TSANet provides the technology industry a relationship and engagement structure that allows members to collaborate when a mutual customer, multi-vendor issues arise. Membership consists of more than 500 of the world’s largest technology companies. Hubcase provides a solution that allows different organizations one-click collaboration on support cases, while each organization still uses its own, existing case management system.


Solution and Technology Partners
Salesforce ISV Partner 

NetSuite SDN Partner 

Built for NetSuite 

Microsoft Dynamics Partner