Hubcase 24x7 Standby case system

How does your 24x7 call center staff log cases when your existing case or ticketing system goes down?

It's not a matter of IF, but WHEN your existing case or ticketing system goes down. For Salesforce, there is even a website broadcasting outages and downtimes

Hubcase offer you a Help Desk as your Standby system. Allowing

  • aagents to log cases in Hubcase immediately when your primary system is down
  • bcases to be sent to your primary system automatically
  • cexport cases

What else do you need?

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As a standby solution, Hubcase is insurance, failover, backup, bench, substitute case system. Better yet: It is cloud based, access anywhere with a browser. It's a different cloud so it won't go down with your primary cloud service. For simplicity, it allows many staff members to login using a single username and password.

If a cloud vendor offers 99.9% uptime, it would be about 9 hours of downtime in a year, business continuity would be affected. Using Hubcase 24x7 Standby to back up your primary system, you can achieve 99.9999% uptime, that's about half a minute of potential disruption.

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