Hubcase for Salesforce

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1. What is Hubcase for Salesforce?

Hubcase for Salesforce is an AppExchange listed app that connects your Salesforce instance to Hubcase Exchange, allowing automated collaboration and escalation with partners for Salesforce clients like you. Specifically, you can

  • + send a case to a vendor, supplier or partner with 1-click on your salesforce Case form. Your partners could be using Salesforce, NetSuite, or no system at all.
  • + receive a case from a customer, client or partner automatically (0-click) into your salesforce account. Your partners could be using Salesforce, NetSuite, or no system at all.

The "B2B Escalation" button below sends the case to a partner.

Hubcase is a Salesforce ISV partner.

2. Why do we need it?

When a customer comes to you for a problem that may involve one of your vendors or partners, how do you handle it today? Do you think you are nurturing satisfied customers if your answer is one of the following?

  • + Tell the customer it's not your problem, go away
  • + Tell the customer to call the partner or vendor, and before long the customer got volleyed back to you again
  • + Write down the issue in a sticky, then call/email the partner, and let the rounds after rounds of confusion, duplication and frustration start from there.

If customer satisfaction, efficiency, accountability, visibility, and accuracy are important to you, you need Hubcase.

3. How do I get it?

Follow the Configuration Guide. Or contact us, we will get you going.

4. How does it work?

The following diagram shows how your org collaborate with a partner org to resolve a customer case. The top of the diagram (horizontal highway) is Hubcase Exchange, and your Salesforce is connected to Hubcase Exchange via Hubcase for Salesforce, which is running as part of your Salesforce instance. The Hubcase for Salesforce also provides "B2B Escalation" button in your Salesforce Case form as shown at the top of this page. Click below to see a complete set of demo screenshots.

5. What are the risks or downside?

Hubcase solution is risk free. Here is why:

  • + It adds B2B capability to your existing system, yet it does NOT disrupt any of your processes today
  • + It is implemented to be fault tolerant - even if connectivity is down, your saved messages will be transmitted the next time
  • + It allows you to set visibility of the B2B function based on roles and permissions. You decide who can see the B2B tab
  • + It can be uninstalled cleanly within 1 minute if it didn't work out for some reason
  • + We can demonstrate all of these online within 30 minutes, and you can start with a free trial in a sandbox or production account.

What's the worst case scenario? Your worst case scenario is what you do today: escalate issues with your partners manually using phone calls, emails and sticky. You can only get better. Schedule a demo with us today.

6. If my partner uses salesforce, does my partner also need to install the package?

Yes. And if your partners have not installed Hubcase for salesforce, you can invite them easily after you sign up. Automation helps everybody including your partners.

7. My partners don't use Salesforce. How to escalate to them?

You don't need to worry about your partner's system - we do. You can invite them easily after you sign up. Automation helps everybody including your partners.

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