Free Help Desk, Free Helpdesk, Free Service Desk. Cloud-based.


Hubcase Help Desk can be a ticketing solution internally for your employees and departments, or externally for your customers and partners. It manages cases, issues, incidents, trouble tickets in both directions: inbound from customers and outbound for your suppliers and vendors.

Hubcase Help Desk is simple, free, yet uniquely empowered to work with your partner systems for your B2B needs.

Hubcase Help Desk is simple, no limit, and setup in 1 minute. Key features:

  • 1Free
  • 2Cloud based, SaaS, no software to download or install
  • 3Businesses partners can setup multiple instances, and escalate from one to another
  • 4Multi-subsidiaries or departments can setup multiple instances, and escalate in between
  • 5Service providers can setup an instance for each client and allow them to escalate to you
  • 6Escalate to partners using different systems using our Hubcase Exchange capability

Setup in 1 min, Free*


See a demo screenshot below, and note the "B2B Escalation" feature that allows you to send your ticket to another organization:

For assistance, please Contact us or email:

* All free services provided without guarantee or warranty. Capabilities may not have been tested fully or extensively.