Hubcase Exchange

Hubcase Exchange facilitates communication between with partner systems, allowing 1-click escalation and collaboration.

Winner of the TSIA Vision Award, Hubcase Exchange acts as "FedEx" for B2B issues, tickets, cases, work orders. What it does:

  • +Send outbound dispatches and escalations to partner organizations
  • +Receive an inbound dispatches and escalations from partner organizations, automatically
  • +Manage your vendors, outbound cases, tickets and work orders
  • +Connect your existing system to Hubcase

The following is an illustration of the Hubcase Exchange ecosystem.

Hubcase provides native solutions to platforms such as NetSuite and Salesforce. Your organization will need to become a member of Hubcase Exchange, please follow respective instructions to setup.

If you or any of your partners don't have a case management system, our cloud-based Help Desk is free. Most importantly, it comes with built-in B2B capability.

Contact us if you use a different system, as we may have a solution for you.